The Heroes

ON THE NORTH WALL OF ALL SAINTS CHURCH, WEST HADDON, there are two Rolls of Honour listing the men of the village who went off to fight in two World Wars. Photos of the two Rolls of Honour are shown on their own page: click HERE to see them.

EACH OF THE MEN listed on the West Haddon Roll of Honour 1914-18 is listed on a separate page with his name as title and can be found by clicking on his name in the list below. Names of those men we have information about appear as links in blue: click to go to that page. Links in green have been visited: names in plain text are those soldiers for whom we are still searching the archives. If you have any information about any of the names on the Roll of Honour we would be very delighted to hear from you.

Reginald Abbott Ernest Entwistle Leonard Muddiman
Edward Adams Edward Algernon Fitzroy Robert Oliver Fitzroy
Fred Adams John Maurice Fitzroy Frank Naseby
Thomas Adams Michael Algernon Fitzroy Rupert Naseby
Sam Adnitt Charles Fountain Thomas Naseby
William E Bannerman Arthur Furniss Charles Nicholls
Albert Barringer Sydney Gammage Norman Nobles
F Harold Baxter Walter Gammage Fred Nicholls
G Herbert Baxter W Gammage John Nicholls
Fred Booker Richard Gardner Arthur Osborne
George Booker Hubert Thomas Garrett Fred Osborne
John Brockbank Reginald A Garrett Thomas J Osborne
Ulric C Brunner Harry George Claude Parsons
Charles Bush Reginald Gordon Walter Prestidge
G Frederick Bush Thomas Goodman Harry Randall
William Cave Cowley Griffen Harold Reaves
Cecil Chitty Charles Gurney Arthur Reeve
Reginald Chitty Fred Gurney Cyril Roberts
J Clarke George Gurney Alec Say
W Clarke Frank Hancock John Steel
Walter J Clarke Fred Hancock Frank Southam
Sydney Cockram Thomas Hancock George Townley
John Henry Collier Wallace Hancock John Townley
William Collier W Harfield Louis Townley
John Collins G R Heygate William Townley
William Croxford Leonard Heygate Charles Townsend
Sydney Darker William Hollis William Townsend
Edward Dicker William James Frank Underwood
Charles Dove Frank Keylock Frank Upston
Frank Dove David Letts Charles Waller
George Dove George Letts Wilfrid West
Charles Drage Walter Letts William West
Sydney Drage Edwin Lewis Albert Woodford
Joseph Dunkley Edward Miles Edward Woodford
Edgar Eaglestone Fred Muddiman Harry Woodford