Charles Bush

Charles Henry Bush was born in 1883 in Watford, younger brother of George Frederick Bush who also appears on our Roll of Honour.

At the age of seven in 1891 Charles and his brothers and sisters lived at the home of Mary Farquiar where his mother was housekeeper. He remained there in 1901 at the age of 17, he was then a groom. His older brother George had left home.

In 1903 Charles married Frances Susan.

By the 1911 census Charles and Frances were living in West Haddon with their children John, George, Leonard and Kathleen. Charles is age 27 and is a Fish Dealer. Three more children followed before the war.

In 1915 until approximately 1920 Charles was in the Army Service Corps.

After the war Charles and Frances had three more children, the youngest born in 1926.

In 1950 Charles died age 66, registered in Daventry, leaving a small estate to his widow.

(Rosie Skudder, January 2016)