Charles Waller

Despite many hours of research it has proved impossible to find any trace of a Charles Waller with any attachment to West Haddon nor any military records which indicate an attachment to West Haddon.

There is no trace of Charles Waller in the records of baptisms, burials or marriages.

There are 222 persons by the name of Charles Waller in the 1901 census.

There are 324  persons by the name Charles  Waller in the 1911 census.

There are 39 persons by the name Charles Waller who served in the military during World War 1.

Without further details it is impossible to trace the person whose name appears on the Roll of Honour.

If anyone has any knowledge of how Charles Waller may have been linked to the village please contact any member of the research team.

(Jim Blakey, 20th January, 2016)