Edward Dicker

On occasions people producing typewritten documents from official handwritten documents fail, for a number of reasons, to reproduce the correct information.   I believe the research into Edward Dicker indicates this may be one of those occasions.

The name Edward Dicker appears on the Roll of Honour. On the balance of probabilities I believe this is probably one Edwin Dicker.

The name Edward Dicker does not appear in any of the Parish Records.   That being the case the researcher examined census records to see if an Edward Dicker with any attachment to West Haddon could be located

The 1911 Census showed an Edwin DIEKER (with Edwin Dicker in brackets), a chauffeur, living in West Haddon with his wife Edith Elizabeth Dieker.   He had been born in Burghfield, Berkshire.   It was thought this may be a transcription error but the 1891 Census shows Edwin DIEKER living with his parents Moses and Sarah DIEKER in Burghfield.   It has to be said however that the handwritten surname on the census form could be interpreted in a number of ways.

The 1901 Census however showed an Edward Dicker aged 18, born in Burghfield, Berkshire, living as a boarder in “Rooms Over Stables” at Englefield House, Bradfield, in the Rural District of Berkshire with three other boarders and the coachman.   This leads me to believe that the Edwin Dieker referred to above was the same person as this Edward Dicker.

Englefield House was the home of James Herbert Benyon, JP who trained as a barrister and became High Sheriff of Dorset in 1892 and Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire in August 1901. In addition to the coachman and boarders Englefield House had a staff of a driver and 18 servants.

A revisit to the Parish Records shows the baptism of a Frank Edwin DICTER on 3rd April, 1910.   His father is shown as Edwin, a motor driver, and his mother as Edith Elizabeth.

There is the record of the marriage of Edwin DICKER to Edith Elizabeth Wigmore in the second quarter of 1909 in Bradfield, Berkshire (Berks 2c 751)

The researcher examined military records under the names Edward DICKER, Edward DIEKER, Edwin DICKER, Edwin DIEKER,   An entry for Edwin Dicker was found but the information given did not match.

The Ancestry Public Member Tree section has a number of entries in respect of Edwin and Edith Elizabeth’s son.   In each entry his name is shown as Frank Edwin DICKER.

Could the person who drew up the list for inclusion on the Roll of Honour have mistaken Edwin to read Edward?   Was the family name DIEKER or DICKER?   What is known is that the Birth Index shows the birth of Edwin DICKER at Bradfield (2c 339) and the Death Index shows the death of Edwin DICKER in March 1962 (Berks 6a 196).

Edwin DICKER died in March 1962 in Reading, Berkshire aged 78

Edith Elizabeth DICKER died in September, 1969 aged 83

I think it can be safely said that the surname should always have read DICKER and that DIEKER was a misreading of an entry.

If anyone can throw any further light on this puzzle would they please contact one of the research team.

(Jim Blakey 30 January, 2016)