G Frederick Bush

George Frederick Bush was born in 1880 in Watford, and was living in West Haddon at the 1881 census with his mother Lavinia Harriet and his father George, a groom. By the 1891 census George is aged 10 and living in West Haddon at the home of Mary Farquiar, where his mother is housekeeper. He now has siblings: John (nine), Charles (seven), James (six), Mary (four) and Lavinia (three). His father is a boarder at Althorp where he is a stable helper. George’s brother Charles also appears on our Roll of Honour.

At the age of 20 George is living in West Langton, Market Harborough. He is a servant/ groom to Robert Massingham, a gardener age 29. In 1904 he married Lillie Elizabeth Faulkner in Leicester.

Age 30 in 1911, George was living in West Langton where he was a stud groom. He lived with wife Lillie and son George Henry, aged 11 months. His parents George (62) and Lavinia (55) are still in West Haddon and have a boarder, William Sharp, an insurance broker born in Lutterworth, who later married George’s sister Mary.

I have not been able to find any information regarding George’s military service.

In 1927 his wife Lillie died in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

In 1939 his mother Lavinia died a widow leaving her estate to George’s brothers John William Garratt Bush, a railway employee and James George Bush, a baker. George’s date of death is not known.

(Rosie Skudder, January 2016)