John Maurice Fitzroy

John Maurice Fitzroy was born on 20/3/1897 in Westminster.  His parents were Edward Algernon Fitzroy see earlier entry – and Muriel Fitzroy who married on 19/11/1891.   His parents bought Foxhill Manor, West Haddon in 1893.

The 1901 census shows him living at Foxhill, aged 4, with his brother Robert G aged 8, sister Nancy , aged 7 and brother Michael A, aged 6.   There were seven servants in residence.   His parents were living at St George, Hanover Square (at least on the day of the census) where they had eight servants.

The 1911 census shows him as a naval cadet at the Royal Naval College, Osborne Whippingham on the Isle of Wight.

He would appear to have been a little “wild”.   In 1925, while living at Hardays, he  appeared in Northampton Borough Police court  charged with leaving a car unattended.   It subsequently ran down a hill.   The case was dismissed.

He appeared in Ashford Police Court on 24/9/1926 for refusing to stop leading to a seven mile car chase by police.   The case was dismissed.   In 1927 he was charged with being drunk and disorderly.

He was a first class cricketer and captained Northamptonshire C.C. from 1925-1927.

I can find no trace of his military career other than the award of the Victory Medal, the Star and the British War medal.

He married Lucia Charlotte Susan Newdegate on 21/5/1919.   They had a daughter, Lucia Anne Fitzroy Newdegate, born on 26/3/1920, a son Francis  Humphrey Maurice Fitzroy Newdegate, 3rd Viscount Daventry, born on 17/12/1921 (died 2/2000) and another daughter Jocelyn Fitzroy Newdegate born on 13/7/1929 (died 30/6/2013).

He changed his name to Fitzroy Newdegate in 1936.

He also fought in World War II.

He died on 7/5/1976 in Nuneaton, aged79.

Jim Blakey

6th November, 2016