Ulric Clifford Brunner

Ulric Clifford Brunner was born in Guilsborough in 1882. He was the third of six children for George Brunner, a schoolmaster, and his wife Mary. At the time of the 1891 census the family were living at School House, Guilsborough. Ulric followed in his father’s footsteps and became a teacher; in 1901 he had a position in Witney, Oxford.

In 1909 Ulric married Aileen Viola Large in Stratford upon Avon. Ulric and Aileen made their home in West Haddon where Ulric was the Headmaster of West Haddon School – and his father the Headmaster of Guilsborough School. They had two children: Geoffrey Clifford born in 1911 and Avis Aileen born in 1912.

It is noted in the school logbook that the Headmaster was absent on 2nd November 1914 and replaced two days later by a supply teacher, Mrs Kennel. It is assumed that Ulric joined the war at this time. In March 1915 he is listed as RQMS (Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant) U C Brunner, A Squadron, Northants Yeomanry. An article in The Northampton Mercury (January 31, 1919) suggests that Ulric will not return to the teaching profession.

After the war it seems that the family moved around the country. His daughter Avis was married in in 1936 in Westminster, Middlesex. His wife Aileen died in 1941 in Shrewsbury, and Ulric himself died in 1956 in Ealing, Middlesex at the age of 74.

(Rosie Skudder  November 2015)