William Charles Harfield

In 1891 the Harfield family lived in the Sheaf Inn. The Head of the Household, William Harfield (Snr), born in Wibtoft, Leicestershire was the publican. He shared the property with Jane his wife, born in Lilborne; three daughters; son William Charles (Jnr aged 1); a domestic servant and two lodgers. Parish Records show that William (Jnr) was born in West Haddon and was baptised on 21/7/1889.

The 1901 Census shows the Harfield family still living in the Sheaf Inn but with a different Head of Household. The new Head of Household was Charles D Harfield. The victualler’s licence had been passed to his wife Jane. Research revealed that Jane’s husband William (Snr) had died in the October to December quarter of 1892 aged 44. A subsequent search of the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages shows the marriage of Jane Elizabeth Harfield to Charles Douglas Harfield in Leicestershire in the October to December quarter of 1897.

Earlier census entries were searched in an attempt to discover what the relationship was between William (Snr) and Charles Douglas. The 1861 Census showed that William, then aged 12, lived with his parents Charles and Ann and his siblings Mary and Charles Douglas. Their father was the owner of 160 acres. William (Snr) and Charles Douglas Harfield were therefore brothers.

In 1911 William Charles Harfield was still living in The Sheaf Inn with his mother, then described as the Head of the Household, his step-father, a sister and a younger brother Sholto. Aged 21 William was described as a Horse Breaker.

I was unable to find any military records in respect of William. I did discover within Parish records, however, the birth of a son Ronald William Harfield on 15/10/1926 to William and his wife Connie. I was unable to discover the date or the place of their marriage. Of note, however, was the fact that William had continued the family tradition in that he was a Publican.

William Charles Harfield died, aged 46, in the October to December quarter of 1935.

(Jim Blakey 13th November, 2015)