Cowley Griffen


I was unable to find any trace of Cowley Griffen with an attachment to West Haddon in any census record, West Haddon records of baptisms, burials and marriages or any military record, will or Probate.

A much more experienced member of the research team however found a George William Cowley Griffin, aged 60, born in Kilsby, living in 1911 close to The Crown in West Haddon.   He and his wife had no children in 34 years of marriage.   Our Cowley Griffen may have been related to George William Cowley Griffin: errors in transcription are not unknown.

Without further details it is not possible to continue with the research.

If anyone has any information in respect of a Cowley Griffen with an attachment to West Haddon who served in W.W.1 please contact any member of the research team.

Jim Blakey

18th November, 2016